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What the what??? prego care w/no insurance
alisonmai posted:
Okay ladies I haven't been on in FOREVER, but a really close friend of mine just asked me a question and I knew you all could help me out. She and her husband would like to have another kiddo in the near future and are responsible trying to plan this as they do not have medical the heck do you do this? She called her OB and they told her it would be $30K PLUS...told her to call my OB who said $25K. And of course that doesn't even include the hospital.

How the heck do people have kids without insurance and still get the medical attention needed??? Anyone have some tips?
roni090909 responded:
Wow. DS didn't cause that much at all. I think it was around 8k to have him. I know hospitals and doctors will lower their rates if you don't have insurance. Some hospitals will even write off the bill completely or a charity might pick it up.
Me (30) DH (37) DS born 10/20/08 New Little Girl due 11/11/10
katieb426 responded:
Wow- that is expensive. I guess I estimated my kiddo's births to be around $10k, but maybe I was wrong and maybe that didn't include the prenatal care- just the birth. I do know it can vary from region to region.

I know a few people who have had pregnancies and babies with no insurance and they had to pay monthly starting from their first OB visit. We had to pay something up front with my last pregnancy. They wouldn't even let me see a nurse until they went over my insurance and we wrote them a check. I'm thinking it was for maybe a couple hundred dollars?
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sarahaguirre responded:
I would think it would be cheaper in the long run to get a private insurance policy on themselves or atleast her. That is a lot of money but it doesn't surprise me at all. They also need to consider how they're going to pay for their child's coverage. It sounds like they have kids already so hopefully they have an insurance policy that's not too expensive to cover them.
alisonmai replied to sarahaguirre's response:
Yes they do have a private insurance policy for themselves that they have purchased, but of course it doesn't cover pregnancy....she has look around a lot and can't seem to find anything that would fit the bill...I'm going to see if i can't help her out some with research...
cheeezie25 responded:
WHOA, that is alot of money! I must have been spoiled with my insurance because DS birth was only $500 total (plus appt copays and whatnot). They should definitely look around for a plan that covers maternity. One think they would also need to keep in mind is whether their plan would automatically pick up for their newborn's medical costs. I know it is not anything anyone wants to think about, but if there is any need for NICU care, they will be up you-know-what's creek with medical bills. I had a totally uneventful low risk pregnancy up until DS was born, and his three weeks in the NICU cost over $100k (but was free for me because I was already insured).

I don't know if this applies to people who already have insurance either, but I am pretty sure that any pregnant woman is eligible for Medicaid regardless of income, but I would think getting the insurance sured up first would be a priority, especially if they are planning the baby.
justonegirl81 replied to cheeezie25's response:
I agree..any pregnant woman is eligible for medicaid. There are like 3 plans. Two I think you have to pay a monthly balance and maybe a co-pay at each visit. . It all depends on her income. I didn't think any pregnant woman was ever denied medicaid, but that is in my state, and i could be wrong.
mommyof3kiddos responded:
That's insane. Where does she live??? My friend had a baby a couple years ago. They have private insurance since her husband is on contract with his company. Anyway, the insurance didn't cover pregnancy. But it did cover the baby once it was here. But she looked into the pregnancy coverage and it was cheaper to just pay out of pocket.

I know my obgyn costs around $2500 for a vaginal delivery and something closer to $3000 for a c-section. That doesn't include any labs (pap-smears, group B strep check, all the early pregnancy blood draws) or ultrasounds. Ultrasounds are close to $400 each. I don't know about the blood draws and labs. But then the hospital itself is usually a few thousand. All together it's close to $8000-10k.
bethb1974 responded:
With this last LO we had private insurance that didn't cover pregnancy. It cost us 5 thousand for the dr. I ended up having a csection. that was not for the hospital. I can't remember what a vaginal delivery cost hospital wise. HTH

We had to pay half down at the first appt. and 500 each visit after till it was paid.
Beth 36, DH 37, DS 8 adopted at birth, DS 7, Emily 8-11-08
ambern99 responded:
Have her look into what her State has to offer. Here were we live there is a plan offered for pregnant women without insurance or coverage for it. They have you pay anywhere from about 20-50 a month for the insurance and you also pay for co-pays and a deductible based off of your income and how many dependents you have including the unborn child.
leftcoastgirl responded:
I'm answering even though my LO just turned two and I'm now technically just a visitor on this board ...

I live in California, and the cost of my c-section, including care for my LO, hospital stay, anesthesia, meds, etc. was about $36,000. And that doesn't include all the prenatal care. Our insurance covered everything, so we didn't pay a dime out of pocket (except for co-pays at routine OB visits), but 36K was the number on the statements we got from the hospital.

Your friend might want to look into the birthing center / midwife option. It's supposed to be much less expensive than a hospital birth. Of course, the catch is that even if she gives birth with a midwife, she STILL might end up needing a c-section or extra care ... and then the price would still go WAY up.
sarahann1978 responded:
I had c-section and I want to say off the top of my head that all told it was about $28,000. Our insurance paid most of everything except the anesthesiologist because he was not a "preferred" provider. We had to pay him about $1,500 out of pocket after the insurance paid around $1,000.

We checked in on a Wednesday to be induced, had the c-section on Thursday and was released on Saturday, so we weren't there that long, but it adds up quick.

I thought the same as you, I don't know how people afford it, but then it seems like because so many can't is why those who can end up getting charged huge rates.
jlc78 responded:
Yep, it's crazy at how much it costs to have a baby. My insurance company was billed around $28k for DS's uncomplicated, vaginal birth. They were billed closer to $40k for DD's birth. Again, vaginal with no complication. Not even an epidural. This was for the cost of the hospital stay and delivery fees for my OB. I had great insurance and only ended paying $20 out of pocket between both deliveries. DD's birth was more expensive because I ended up getting an extra night in the hospital due to the time of day she was born.

Insurance companies have contracts with hospitals for how much they will pay. It's no where near the amount billed to them. Sometimes it's only 10% of the bill. Also, many times you can call the hospital after you are billed and they will give you a discount. And hospitals also have no problem setting up payment plans. I believe one of the mom's on the 3 year board is still paying for the delivery of her daughter.
Me (31) DH (33) and our beautiful babes DS (6/07) and DD (9/08)
alliegirl77 responded:
Can they look into getting medical insurance through maybe their home insurer or auto insurer? Some bigger companies offer medical coverage. I would think that would be cheaper than paying 30k!!!! Plus any other expenses if one of them is sick or in need of medical care outside of the baby.

Also, I think these plans have pre-existing conditions clauses so she will want to set that up before she gets preggo or they may not cover her. Just a thought!

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