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OT: I need email hijacking help!
peachyisthelife posted:
I guess it's called hijacking? Anyway, twice now an email has been sent from my email address that has some viagra link on it. It's being sent to people who are in my address book and people who AREN'T. I don't know how this happens. Anyone know what I can do to stop this? I just changed my password today (a friend suggested doing that), can that help? This is my MAIN email address that everyone has, I really don't want to completely change it!
Cathryn~~~Jared 4yo~Brooke 23 mo~Baby 3 due July 23, 2010
magsnemma responded:
You might have malware or something else on your computer. Have you run a virus check and updated your OS and anti-virus software? You might also try contacting customer service for your e-mail provider (like Yahoo or MSN), maybe they can help you too?

You might also want to send an e-mail to people letting them know that if they see something weird coming from you to not open it.

I don't know if you can stop it, but at least you can try.
Me (32), DH (32), DD (born Nov 2008).
mamabrat05 responded:
I was having the same kinda issue's...well sorta. An email from me was beign sent to me. It would go to my junk section in my email so i knew it was bad. I never answered them and kept marking them as a phishing scam. Also i cahnged my password until they stopped showing up. I was going to change me email address if it didnt stop. It has so far so im gonna keep it for now. I would scan your computer for any virus or anything else that could be on it. I would also suggest changing your password on a different computer that way if there is a virus it doesnt keep happening.

Also my friend had an issue with her yahoo account doing this same exact thing. Not sure if she ever got it fixed but i do know im not getting anymore of her emails!
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earleyml1012 responded:
This was happening to me too a couple of months ago. I don't know how true this is but someone told me it was b/c I had a facebook account and hotmail. Anyway, I didn't know about changing your password so I just deleted all of my contacts. I figured I had the addresses written down, if I needed to email them. Then after the first time, the addresses pop up for me. It's really annoying! I hope changing your password works for you.
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Jackie03291 responded:
Definitely run an anti-virus program like Norton's, because it sounds like you have something on your computer that you will need to get rid of. Just changing your password typically won't take care of this. Good luck!
Jackie (25) Bryan (35) Ava 10/14/08
ad1978 responded:
The same thing happened to me a few weeks ago (though it wasn't Viagra, it was a link to Canadian drugs). I'm not too worried about it (though running a virus scan is a good idea).

I figured that most people I know would be smart enough not to open some random link sent from me with no explanation (ah, except me mother who emailed me asking why I sent a link about Canadian drugs? Sigh..I had to tell her that she should NEVER open a weird link from someone without some explanation.
Jackie03291 replied to ad1978's response:
Did you run a virus scan? Because if someone has gotten a hold of one password, more then likely they have all of your passwords, including ones to your banks, credit cards and any other secure websites that you log into. You should worry about it.
Jackie (25) Bryan (35) Ava 10/14/08

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