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WWYD? Preschool....
jlc78 posted:
I posted on the 2 year board but want your input too.....
Me (31) DH (33) and our beautiful babes DS (6/07) and DD (9/08)
roni090909 responded:
Here is my 2 cents. I voted both but I guess it would really be either both or neither. By sending DS you are already exposing DD to the germs. He will be bring thing them back in the house to her. You might as well let DD join in the fun.

GL with your decision. Hopefully DD is getting better and maybe this won't affect her.
Me (30) DH (37) DS born 10/20/08 New Little Girl due 11/11/10
peachyisthelife responded:
I voted just send DS but it's kind of hard to say. What do you mean by sending DD? Is this just once a week or several days or what? For how many hours? I wouldn't send DD to preschool just b/c DS is going. My DD loves visiting DS's preschool but she knows she doesn't get to attend yet and she's fine. There's a time and season for everything. On the other hand, if you just really want a break from her and you want to send her for that reason then that's another thing.
Cathryn~~~Jared 4yo~Brooke 23 mo~Leah born in July 2010
jlc78 replied to peachyisthelife's response:
It would be 2 or 3 mornings a week for 2-3 hours for both of them.
Me (31) DH (33) and our beautiful babes DS (6/07) and DD (9/08)
miob responded:
I agree with Roni. The first year at daycare DS was sick a lot. Last year, not so much. But kids are there all the time with the sniffles and whatnot. (And my personal favorite which drives me nuts to no end - the parents who give their kids a fever reducer prior to going to daycare so they can show up without a fever while still sick. My own sister is guilty of this at her daycare and it drives me insane.)

Chances are that you will see an increase in illness in your household (everything DS got, I got). If you're very concerned with that (as I think you are and have a right to be based on the seizures), you may not want to start them until you think the issue has somewhat abated as she's gotten older.
ad1978 responded:
I think the priority question is at what age do you feel comfortable exposing DD to this (either her going, or DS going --either way is exposing her)?

I think you need to figure out this answer first, and THEN decide on whether to just send DS or both. One question at a time

Good luck with your decision.
jlc78 responded:
Thanks for all the replies!

DH and I talked about it last night. We both are not ready to send DD just yet.

So this morning I asked DS if he wanted to go to school next month. Naturally (note my sarcasm) he said ONLY if daddy could be there with him. We told him that wasn't an option so he said ONLY if mommy would be there. Again, we told him it wasn't an option but reminded him that Grandmom would be there. Now for the kicker: I asked him if it was ok if DD didn't go. His reply was, "But I would miss her." Melt my heart! So at this point he won't go unless she goes, lol!

The school year doesn't start for another month or so which gives us plenty of time to discuss it with him. It would be 2 mornings a week from 9 to 11:30. Once again, no cost to us since my step-mom works there. And we can literally make the decision to bring him the morning of. So we'll see how things go....
Me (31) DH (33) and our beautiful babes DS (6/07) and DD (9/08)

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