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RF carseat and diaper leaks
JKSayre posted:
Hi. I don't post often, but was hoping someone could help me with a problem we've been having. My DD is 23+ months and still RF. It seems that every time we go on long car trips (an hour or more) we have issues with her diaper leaking and getting her pants wet. We don't usually have this problem at home, so I don't really think it's the diaper. It seems to be something about the angle at which she's sitting in the seat. Have any others of you who have kids RF had this problem? I try to limit how much she drinks, but I can only limit it so much in the summer heat. We try to change her every couple hours, but at least one time, it happened after only 30 minutes. It's very frustrating when we're traveling - I have to pack about 3-4 pairs of shorts to keep changing her clothes. On a recent 8+ hour trip, that got really old.
Me(41), DH(43), DD(9/10/08)
jlc78 responded:
I'm probably not going to be much help. Both DS (3yrs) and DD (almost 23 months) are RFing. DS was out of diapers at 26 months though. And DD has been out of diapers since 20 months. We never had issues with leaking diapers in the car. They sell pads you can put down in the car seats that might help catch the leaks. Another thought is to put a doubler inside the diaper for when you travel for long periods of time. I've heard of some people actually using a regular maxi pad.

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sarahaguirre responded:
Does she need a bigger size diaper? I know sometimes if one is too small (even if the fit seems to be ok) it can cause leaks. Another suggestion is maybe using an overnight diaper for car rides.
cduffy responded:
Hmmm...don't have that problem and still RF at 22 mos (almost 23). My guess would be the diapers are too small, so go a size up maybe, or just use a doubler or seat liner like jlc78 suggested.

And BTW Jamie, I'm totally jealous that your DD is out of diapers...Laney isn't anywhere close I don't think.
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JKSayre responded:
I don't think she needs a bigger diaper yet, because she's still in the lower weight range of the ones she's wearing. I think we will try the overnights next time. Thanks for the suggestions!
Me(41), DH(43), DD(9/10/08)
cheeezie25 responded:
My DS is 18 months. We turned him around last week, but up until then, we never had any issues with leaking diapers in the carseat (or anywhere anytime recently). I would agree with pps, that maybe you should try a bigger size diaper, or a different brand. I have found that the weight ranges on diapers are pretty bogus. DS is very tall and pretty skinny weighing only 24-25lbs or so, and he needs a size 5 to fit over his bum. I am pretty sure he is in the very low end of the range they give on the box, if he is within it at all. We use the Up&Ups and Pampers BabyDrys. Overnights sound like a good idea too.

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