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ear wax removal w/ tubes
hollybair posted:
My 19 mth old son has serious wax buildup in his left ear but he has tubes - what can I do to remove this, he is not running a fever but I can tell it bothers him and the last dr we went to see this week(for genetic testing) said he could not see the tube due to the wax build up being so bad. Of course he would not do anything to remove it but told me about an over the counter med. So far what I have read says do not remove if they have tubes so what do I do? I had hoped to use the hydrogen peroxide and water but I am a little scared to now. Any advice?
mommy5kiddos responded:
Call your pedi and tell them. I remember when I took DD in for her 9mos wellcheck way back when she had a lot of ear wax. The pedi used some stick thing and removed some of the wax. Not sure if they could do that since your son has tubes but it's worth a call. I would do that before using meds.
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TyPatrick08 responded:
At our office we use one of two things. We will use a curette to scope the wax out. If the child is a little older like over 2 we will use the elephant ear wash. its a squirt bottle with an extenison on it that flushes the wax out. I would talk to your pedi before removing it your self. My son also has serious wax!
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hollybair responded:
I called his pedi and they called in a presciption - Docusate - it is actually for constipation due to hard stools. I am not real sure about this but he said to fill his ear w/ it 4 times a day. Apparently it is supposed to loosen up the wax?? I put it in his ear before I took him to daycare this morning and then put cotton in. He gave me the funniest look and just placed his ear on my chest. I haven't gotten a call from the daycare today so he must be doing ok w/ it. Hopefully this will work, but I have never heard of putting a syrup med in the ear before. My fingers are crossed!!

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