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    What's wrong with my baby?
    An_191419 posted:
    My son just turned 18 months. he was very easy going, and so happy all of the time, until just a few weeks before hitting this stage. He seems to go into rages. Like for example, this morning. There was no trigger at all, we were laying in bed, and my husband and i were asllep, and I was not asleep, but just laying there and he was fine and then all of a sudden he just starts throwing a complete fit. He won't take anything, not a cup, not a paci, nothing. He just head butt's things, throws himself on the floor, or when he was on the bed he was laying there screaming lifting his stomach off the bed in rage. He was waving his hands above his head, in a strange manner. It lasted for maybe 25 minutes.

    Then it seems he can turn it off like a switch. I just layed his cereal bar down and a cup, and tried to not pay attention, and he finally gave in. But I don't get it? He usually does this atleast once a day, sometimes two. He is the sweetest little boy, at other times. He's a little whiney, but he's a toddler. Sometimes there is a trigger, sometimes not. Like if one of his siblings takes something away, which is kind of normal to get upset, but his reaction will last 20 minutes + and I'm not able to do anything to make him happy. He loves to give hugs, and give kisses, he's reached all his milestones, he's healthy. He has had some night terrors, and Ive took him to the dr the next day and nothing was wrong, and then the following week after he had one, he had an ear infection. This behavior just doesn't seem normal to me. I KNOW kids get throw tantrums..but I'm really worried about him. It makes me really upset to think he may struggle in life, or not be normal. Yet, would a Dr think i was crazy for taking him in for this? at this age, i highly doubt anything can be diagnosed. I'm just lost. Is it something he's eating, and it's causing a reaction? I have heard of things like that too. That if he is by chance bi-polar or another mood disorder, then you have to watch what they eat, and restrict certain foods. What would you do at this point?
    cdjd82406 responded:
    I am happy to tell you that nothing is wrong with your son. This is sometimes a normal behavior. My son used to do the same thing and now my DD Ashleigh does the same thing. Was your son asleep when he went into the fit? If so, it could have been a bad dream. If not then I have no real advice except to gently get him into a bear hug and rock back and forth telling him how much you love him. This worked wonders for my son.
    heather7257 responded:
    DD just turned 18mo and acts similarly. I think it is normal for this age and stage. Plus she is teething. She is feeling the need to be really independent right now and wants to do everything contrary to what I suggest. I wouldn't be too worried I think he sounds like he is developing normally. If it would make you feel better though you should talk to your pedi about it. They have things they look for that would diagnose anything like autism or other behavioral disorders. Good luck!

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