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playing with toys
mommy5kiddos posted:
I know it's normal for toddlers not want to play with things that aren't toys. But they do play with toys sometimes right??? I swear DD never plays with toys. She is just constantly getting into something. She goes through the drawers, cabinets, goes into the bathroom to play in the toliet, finds her way into the closets and throws towels around and hides in the closet. Add to that her eating weird stuff and I am starting to wonder about her. The other day she got a hold of my deoderant and took a nibble, licked the soap in the bathroom, played in the toliet (which DS had not flushed his pee BLEECH!!!, ate dirt, and then she got a hold of the soap pump and was sucking on it. I know it sounds like I just let her run all day but I don't. I sit to play with her and she plays a bit and then runs off. She likes to just wander around the house. Anyone else have a kid like this? We go to the pedi tomorrow and I will tell her but I am starting to wonder if there could be something going on with her.
Mama to five kiddies....DS (4), DD1 (3.5), DD2 (23mos), and newborn twin girls :)
mommy5kiddos responded:
Okay that's supposed to read "play with things that aren't toys".
Mama to five kiddies....DS (4), DD1 (3.5), DD2 (23mos), and newborn twin girls :)
magsnemma responded:
I often wonder the same thing. I've actually gotten rid of several of DD's toys because she has no interest. I just try to hold on to the ones she might like in the future. She would much rather play with my or DH's shoes/clothes, or anything in our cupboards.

If it makes you feel better, in the past few weeks I've caught DD licking a nickel, chewing on a door stopper cap (they're all safe in a bag now until she's older, I'll just deal with scuffed doors), sticking her hand in her own pee in the potty, pumping the soap dispenser, eating the dog's leash, and fiddling with the computer mouse. And she's my only one, I don't have anyone else to worry about, and she is still good at getting into stuff.

It seems normal to me, but if you're worried, better safe to ask the pedi.
Me (32), DH (32), DD (born Nov 2008).
sarahaguirre responded:
It's normal. When the temptation is there for things to be open for her to play with she will. DD would be the same way if we didn't baby proof a designated area for her to be in. I have child proof knob covers on all of the door including the bathroom to avoid her eating something poisonous or even worse, drowning in the toilet. I think because the temptation is gone and she really can't get into much that she's not supposed to she really does play with her toys. Even though I admit she likes the plain toys over the ones that are electronic. I would recommend baby proofing a little more so she can't get in to hazardous thing.
BreezysMama responded:
You just described my daughter to the "T". LOL So no I don't think something is wrong with her, it just takes a little time. My little girl is starting to come around and play with the million toys she got for her birthday. Good luck!!

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