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Flu shot--don't get with other vaccines
bravefan76 posted:

Dr. Sears is a VERY relaible source. Colton nor I have ever gotten a flu shot, but I know plenty of kids who have and will this coming season.
RLundgren responded:
was there an outbreak of GBS after given the TIV vaccine last year? No, Dr. Sears was wrong and his fear mongering with, "There are no data to assess the concomitant administration of [the flu shot> with other vaccines," is laughable. In short there is also no evidence that given together vaccines cause harm!
fiannakyn replied to RLundgren's response:
I havent seen anything that Dr Sears say be actually 100% correct. most is blown out of poroption for the fear factor. IE Ratings.

I wont do to many shots at one apointment anyway, but mostly thats cause my fosterson has a HUGE fear of doctor offices and I dont want to stress him out too much. I'll make 2 apointments if needed for a scedualed vaccine and for the flu.

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