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Infant girl (p month) with dark pubic hair?
An_191421 posted:
Is it unusual for a 9 month old girl to have a few dark pubic hairs? Our pediatrician got very worried and took blood to see if there was some abnormality with her hormones. Is there such a thing? My child looks normal in features and size.
An_191422 responded:
Did you receive any results regarding this? My 9mo old is in the exact same boat...
bxilog replied to An_191422's response:
I've been searching for answers on the internet about this.My 9 month old little girl has the same issue. I called her dr and she said not to worry unless i notice other puberty signs such as body odor. Just about a month ago, I noticed a few strands of hair in her little armpits. She too looks normal in size and weight, but she is the biggest baby I have had out of 4. Please let me know if you get additional info. I had read a little study on line which stated that some pubic hair in infants disappaer after 10 or 11 months so I am waiting until my daughters' 12 month check up to get referred to endo. But it does seem like the hair is getting darker and more noticeable as time goes on.
mimof4boys replied to bxilog's response:
I am just curios if any of the girls on this forum are on a high soy diet. Just did some research when they put my grandson on soy milk, and it is very disturbing saying it can make males more feminine and has definatly been linked to females going into pubery at an earlier age even before 1 yr of age do to the high levels of estrogens found in soy. The research said a days worth of formula is equal to 20-30 birth control pills and many european countries are limiting and/or banning soy in their food supply. Vert disturbing . We need to monitor what we feed are babies and toddlers. just a thought because soy is in everything as a filler now adays in the states.Needless to say we had the pediatrician change the formula he was on and glad to say he doing well.

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