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Chrissy312010 posted:
My son is 20 months and he weighs 18 lbs and is not crawling or walking nor talking. The doctors have ran tests after tests and still can not find what's wrong with him. He has cronic constipation won't eat food is on pediasure shakes. He was 4 weeks early via c section. He has low muscle tone just started sitting up two months ago. Any one have any ideas?
VeryFirst responded:
Are the docs assuming he will progress soon or are they saying they dont know if he will progress at all?
biba77 responded:
Hi there,

I have 18mnth old who has been dignosed with mild cp (low muscle tone). She had issues with constipation and I was advised by fellow moms to use miralax. Even my pharmacist suggested it 1 teaspoon a day (mixed in any food or drink) for few days. It takes few days for it to work but it will be softer and easier to go. She just learned to sit on her own and we are doing physical therapy 2x a week which will change to 3-4 x a week. Find out if your state has early intervention program contact them and they will help you.

Blend his food in a blender the same with fruits (they have fiber). We cook soups for my daughter somethihg like brocolli, carrot, piece of meat and potato for 1 hour on medium and blend it make it liquidi. He might not lke it at first but boy it helps with constapation and weight gain. In low muscle case kids need protein from a good piece of meat and extra meals as tehy tend to burn more calories.
Sorry for a long post hope it helps. HAve they done MRI? We are still waiting on it as she was a little young do do it right of way. Thank God she is only beind in mtor skills all other areas she is ahead of her peers.
jamchale replied to biba77's response:
You should definitely check into any early intervention program in your area. If you don't know of one contact your local elementary sschool. The may have contact information for you. good luck, ealy intervention is the key

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