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going to bed with wet hair
An_242145 posted:
My daughter-in law thinks it is okay to put 16 month old to bed with wet hair after bath. She has had 3 colds already this season. Mom blames it on teething. I don't think you should put baby to bed right after bath with wet hair in the winter. Daughter-in law says it is old wives tale.

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leecar579 responded:
I'm not sure where you live, but I'm in the south where we barely ever get cold weather. I give both of my kids a bath at night and usually will towel dry their hair, but not dry it completely and they have been fine. They have gotten colds, but even the dr has said that putting them to bed with wet/damp hair is not the reason. He told me that as long as they are inside and it is warm, they should be fine. Teething can be one reason, but allergies would be a good reason too. Does she have any allergies that you know of? My youngest has major allergies and the dr did tell me that what might seem like a cold could just be a bad allergy reaction (sneezing, coughing, etc like a cold) to something (such as pets, mold, dust, etc) in the house. My daughter started having allergy problems at 6 wks and she was put on an allergy med then. She is now 2 and I give her allegra and then at night if she seems to need something, I give her children's benedryl.
ochena responded:
It's really bad. Going bed with wet hair will create a lot of problem like cold, fever etc. Tell your daughter-in law about the bad area of this matter. I will never try to do it, not even once in a life. I have a friend named, Rony, who had done this few times a month. And the results were as expected. It was Cold with heavy fever. Try to find my answers of this questions from sites like . Best of luck

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