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my 2 year old is completley diffiant and rude!
kiki199120 posted:
my daughter is 2 well she will be in a couple of weeks. i always joked that she has been going through the terrible 2's since she was 5 months. this is because she has a very strong willed personality. also cause her first words were "bad mama". but she has always been very stubbon if you will and wanting to find things out for herself. but we have began to notice that within the last to months things have spiraled out of control. she has been biting, pitching, hitting, kicking, beating on the dog! and literally running over us with her doll stroller! everything is hers and she does not want her with anything! she fights me on everything! and this has all just been recent, timeouts do nothing no matter how many times we put her in them. she comes out and does the same thing over again! we are literally at our wits end we have tired everything and nothing works we need help! and throughout the research we've been doing think she might have ODD. which I was diagnosed with as a kid. but the problem is not just this its that my daughter is literally 1year ahead of herself in terms of milestones. and it makes it just that much more frustrating when a two year old can actually keep up her end of the argument! I need help like she goes to daycare and always so amazing there she eats no problem (barley eats for us) and never hits or does anything wrong literally the second I pick her up she starts. like what am I doing wrong! like I'm not asking for a picture perfect child just for her to listen and cooperate with mommy. because as far as concerned the leader here! help us please!
E_Angel responded:
Im sorry you are going threw this I use to be a passive parent and I made all my mistakes with my first 2 children I am now a mother of 4 the oldest is 8 she is my only girl and I have 3 boys.
If you are with her 24/7 there are several things you can try but the key is consistency. Dr. Phil and everyone else who wrote a book on how to be a parent can never be in your shoes. The bible says if you love your child you will discipline your child and sometimes doing this hurts us more than them, A good old fashion spank on the behind may work(not abuse) but just to let her know who is the boss. Good luck and pray to God for strength and patience....

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