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Pelvic pain and spotting while on HBC
lafillenrose posted:
I've been on HBC for years, but three months ago switched to pills (from NuvaRing). I'm on Tri-Sprintec. As I entered the second week of my pack this month, I started noticing brown discharge - it's actually brown, not really reddish brown. It's super-light, and has been on-and-off over the past 5ish days. There has been a *tiny* amount of redness/pinkishness, but I think that might be more due to irritation. I've also had occasional sharp pains in my lower left abdomen. I have a history of ovarian cysts, and my mom and grandmother have had such a bad history with them that they've had their ovaries removed.
My question is, since I tend to get paranoid about pregnancy (I'm still in college), do you think this is implantation bleeding? Or do you think it's something else, like a recurrence of cysts or some kind of infection? Is this something people have experience with while on Tri-Sprintec?
Really, I just need someone to set my mind at ease.
msoy1 responded:
I would suspect that it could just be your body getting used to the new rx. It usually takes a few months for your system to adapt. I would call the dr if you are scared but I really believe it will work itself out. You could be developing a cyst; as well. I know when my ob switches me; it is usually by the 3rd month that we know if I am on the right dosage.

I have had that issue in the past when my bcp were switched. My ob just switches the pills to a little higher dosage of the hormones. It is a delicate balance, and his objective is to always keep me on the lowest possible dosage since I am a very high risk breast cancer group. I am now in my early 40's and have had some spotting issues the last two months. I will be seeing my ob next month, I suspect he will be switching my pills; or tell me I have entered periomenpause! Sucks to get "old"

Good luck, and keep us posted.

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Im 17 years old and ive had my period for 18 days know and its the first time that it has happend i need help im scared :( :'(

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