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Something Is Wrong but I don't know what it is please HELP
An_256019 posted:
Ok everyone. Couple of mouths again I starting bleeding I was thinking it was period but I don't think it was. But I starting light for 4-5 days and then starting bleeding hard it lasting for almost for a freaking months then it finally stop. We'll nope I starting bleeding again on Feb. 26 and still bleeding. It's light this time but some days I can bleed hard. I do hurt in my lower back. I get these really bad headache can last for 2 days. Feel like I have no energy to do anything. Please tell me what wrong. Doctor want give me any answer.
britt7465 responded:
I was wondering if you've seen a doctor or learned anything more about your situation because you described what I've been going through perfectly. I'm planning to go to medical tomorrow to try to see a doctor but I just wanted to check with you about your situation. Thank you
lalakerslover46 replied to britt7465's response:
Hi everyone. I am 47 and I have always been pretty lucky with very consistent periods. Always were very light and lasted three days. I then started bleeding very heavily for over 6 weeks. I finally went into the ER and they did a ultra sound and it showed that my lining in my uterus was thickening. So I was then referred to an OBGYN. She said she wanted to get a biopsy. I came in for the biopsy and she could not get enough material from my Uterus, because mine is tilted backward. So she sent in what she could and did a pap smear. I have not got those results back yet. I am scheduled for a D/C April 29th, at that time they are going to get the biopsy and she is putting a Meridian IUD in to help with the heavy periods and to help level hormones. I will keep you posted. This might all be some of the same things they will want to do. I am going to the University of MN hospital.
sophylov replied to lalakerslover46's response:
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Im 17 years old and ive had my period for 18 days know and its the first time that it has happend i need help im scared :( :'(

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