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abnormal bleeding
An_191360 posted:
irregular periods

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I've been having a problem with my menstrual cycle. I've had it twice this month (march). It's heavier than normal, discolored, and having stomach pain. What do you recommend.
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  • should i go to a doctor and have it checked out
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kimba2222 responded:
Hi Anon,
Welcome to the "Board". You should definately got to the Dr. I suffered with terrible, heavy abnormal bleeding with heavy clotting and extreme abdominal pain to where I could barely walk and I suffered that way for 5 months before going to the Dr. (Only out ouf stubborness and disliking my OBGYN and taking time off work~my employers hate that!) So they initially thought that I had Endometrial Cancer. But after having (3) of those biopsies and I am sure there will be more...I have Uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts and an enlarged endometrium. And believe me, the fibroids make your periods hurt like heck!! It is NO day in the park!! I am going through it right now and even my strong pain meds for my back do not take away this pain! It is horrible and I have to work with this pain, I wish I was in bed with my heating pad.....

Anyway Miss Anon, please whenever your periods change you should see your OBGYN or GYN, depending. It could be caused by stress, by changes in your diet or exercise (too much/too little), and other hormonal changes (thyroid issues, obesity~ all of that can cause problems with your periods) They say that when you periods are healthy, YOU are healthy. So I guess that means I am NOT healthy. Well, at least I have the other things in life like love and happiness! There is always a bright side to everything!

Take care and please keep me posted, and please go to the dr. Please........
Good luck
1979lb replied to kimba2222's response:
my smptoms are getting worse. I'm fatigued, feeling faint, second time, been two weeks. what should i do.
kimba2222 replied to 1979lb's response:
Please go to your dr. or gyn, or to a clinic for women if you do not have money or insurance. Definately start taking Iron in form. I get my through a prescription since I lose so much blood, but you can get it at the drugstore. That is probably why you are feeling faint and tired.

But to get an accurate diagnosis please see your dr.

Don't wait. Take care! Feel better!
1979lb replied to kimba2222's response:
i'm 10 days postop. i just had surgery to remove a cyst on my left ovary. i'm on day 66 of vaginal bleeding. my gyn doubled up on my birth control until i see her in 3 days. i'm frustrated why am i bleeding so much? and i will i be able to have children in the future? please help. oh i'm still pretty sore and i'm having moderate menstual cramping.

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Im 17 years old and ive had my period for 18 days know and its the first time that it has happend i need help im scared :( :'(

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