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missed period
angelfire_04 posted:
I have missed 2 periods and have taken 2 home pregnancy test both showed negative the I just started what I thought might be my period but the blood was brown in color not red like it usually is and I am having bad cramping went to the dr. and she said that was normal ran some test and said every thing looked normal then i had my next period it was back to normal then the next period i had i passed a clot the size of a golf ball and only bleed for one day then it stopped the blood was so dark brown it looked black and was really thick and heavy plus some severe cramping i am a little concerned i called the dr. and she says it is normal just old blood nothing to be worried about but I am what do yall think should i maybe see about going to a new dr. for a second opinion cause i don't think this is normal I can't find anything on this subject that shows it is normal please help it will be greatly appreceated

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after reading this should i get a second opinion or trust my dr. and jst relaxe everything is fine
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Im 17 years old and ive had my period for 18 days know and its the first time that it has happend i need help im scared :( :'(

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