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How long is normal bleeding after a cervical biopsy?
Vprange posted:
I had a cervical biopsy over a month ago, I followed the doctors orders and did not have intercourse or tampons or anything inserted into my vagina for at least two weeks. However, I am still bleeding constantly and when I call the clinics nurse she tells me its ok they don't know how long I will bleed and not to worry. I have done some research and everything I find says after two weeks start to worry I am going on my 6th week of constant bleeding now. I know it is not my period because its not heavy enough and its lasted way to long its also a different type of bleeding. I have had intercourse and it makes it bleed worse. I am anemic so the bleeding is taking a toll on me and my body I am extra tired and worn out. I don't know if I should go to another doctor or what to do...please help me.....

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aznegirl responded:
What was the outcome of ur biopsy?? that could be ur answer i have been bleedig for 3 months and have a biopsy today they said that will tell me what is going on with why i am bleeding for so long??????

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Im 17 years old and ive had my period for 18 days know and its the first time that it has happend i need help im scared :( :'(

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