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Severe Cramping
An_244994 posted:
I'm currently 28, a late bloomer that didn't get my period until I was 17. Cramps have always been severe for me, but progressed with age. About 8 years ago, they were debilitating to the point where it made me immobile. I have to eat to take my pain medication, so I would often rely on a boyfriend or friend to get me food and bring it to me in bed (where I was curled up with a heating pad squirming in pain). Since then, it has gotten to the point where it's not just once a month anymore. Now I have them every single day. I've lost countless hours of sleep, days from work, and money to buy huge quantities of (over the counter) painkillers and heating pads that die. Not your typical cramps by any means.

5 years ago, month by month, it got worse and worse. My lower abdomen began to swell, and it felt as though someone was stabbing me on each side near my hip bones. I had a pelvic exam, and even the doctor felt something there. So I paid for an ultrasound to check for ovarian cancer, only to find out that they neglected to send it to my doctor, and refused to give me the results.

Symptoms have been compared to endometriosis, but not quite:

* Pain so severe, I can no longer control my legs
* Lower back feels like it's in a vise.
* Hip and leg muscle spasms to the point of never having to work them out. They are always taut and sore.
* Pain and bleeding after intercourse (with a condom).

I'm at my wit's end here, I can barely function as a human being. I suffer from "major depression" and anxiety because I can't control my own body anymore. I go into shock from the pain, and end up hating myself for going into shock and shaking when I try to buy groceries or even work. I would never wish this kind of suffering on my worst enemy. I just need to find an answer so I can start to live again... Please keep in mind that I'm working minimum wage with no insurance because I got terminated for trying to fix this.

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Im 17 years old and ive had my period for 18 days know and its the first time that it has happend i need help im scared :( :'(

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