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beautiful weekend
leo568 posted:
Yesterday and today were so nice, although it was a little windy today. I was able to see an old friend who used to live next door to me all thru school! She lives in Arizona but came into town. I spent the whole afternoon visiting her family. She and husband are thinking about coming back here to live so they are looking at homes for sale while they're here.

So now I'll see if I can get some yard work done tomorrow as long as it stays nice.

take care, Linda
MandyL1953 responded:
It has gotten chilly again here. Friday and today were in the 40's. It is supposed to rain tomorrow - But warm weather is supposed to return towards the end of the week.

I am taking my dad to church tomorrow. His church is in an older subdivision and all they have is street parking and he is afraid he couldn't find a place to park and wouldn't be able to walk that distance.

Hope you have a nice week.

rustler66 responded:
We've had nice weather too for a couple days but yesterday it only got to the high 30's and today it's in the 40's. Mandy, I think we must have close to the same forecast as you do because it's supposed to get warmer towards the end of this week.

We were in Tampa last weekend visiting our oldest son and our granddaughter. She was thrilled that she's taller than I am (she's almost 15)--of course, I'm only 5' 1".

Hope everyone has a good week.

leo568 replied to rustler66's response:
Hi Lois and Mandy,

We have a dreary looking day here today. The wind makes it feel chilly.....quite the opposite from yesterday. Good day to catch up on movies. lol

question-Does anyone have favorites you keep on hand for low calorie snacks. Carrot sticks and celery are getting tiresome! I'm keeping raisins and dates on hand for sweets. For crunchy I get the apple and banana chips. Still need to watch how much I eat tho.

have a good week, Linda
rustler66 replied to leo568's response:
Linda, did you ever try Quakes made by Quaker? They come in a lot of different flavors and are very low in fat. They're crunchy and I really like them, especially the cheese flavored ones. They're quite a bit smaller than rice cakes. Personally, I really like potato chips but they're certainly not low calorie!!

Have a great week!

leo568 replied to rustler66's response:
Yes! Like little rice cakes. I used to get them. I've had enough of a rest from them too. Time to get them again. The cheese ones are like popcorn and I like the caramel ones. Thanks for the memories! I get something for so long I don't want it anymore. But like I said, It's been long enough!
MandyL1953 replied to leo568's response:
I have recently tried the liitle rice cakes. Cheese, kettle corn and even a chocolate version. They are pretty good. I am on weight wactchers so am trying to watch the snacks.
leo568 replied to MandyL1953's response:
Hi Mandy,

Hope your doing good. I like to have something crunchy too so the rice cakes will do. The little ones seem more flavorful than the big ones. Too make sure we stay in touch here's my drop me a note!
MandyL1953 replied to leo568's response:
Thanks - I sure will

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