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Happy May
MandyL1953 posted:
It's hard to believe how fast the sring is going. Af first it was very hot, but now it's settled down into a more normal temperatre. You will be proud of me. I have actally going out and worked in my yard. Mainly plling weeds and cleaning out degree. I knew last Saturday when I went over to where my "old friend" poisin ivy was I would surely shake his had and it wold rub off on me.

Oh me. By sunday I was broken ot all over my hands and arms. Thank goodness I make a doctor apointment and got some predisone. That is really the only stff that will hand my poisin ivy.

I feel kind of like a baby going in and getting the drug, but then I fitre I ned to be able to work and can't be stopping to itch my arms every few minutes and risk is getting infected. So here I am "Pumped up on Steriods".

Does anyone have home remedies for posin ivy or oak, or smac that work? My dad was telling me abot a yellow soap, or something called felds soap. Just curios if anyone else has tried this.

I know it's hard for some of the memers to get their postings to work. I know email is probably the best alternative - but I thought I would give it another try in case there are other folks out there that wold like to join us....

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