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Hi Everyone
MandyL1953 posted:
Good to see some activity again. I have a busy week ahead. I am hosting a cookout for my dad's 85th birthday. I cleaned all day and then shopped tonight. We are having 16 people total.

I would like to eat outside, but it's been so hot around here. The weatherman said we've broked a record for the hottest June on record.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Take care

rustler66 responded:
I think it's great to see the activity too! We seem to have been ignoring the board so maybe now we'll get some messages on it.

Mandy, I hope you have a good party for your dad. It would be nice to have it outside but we've been having a lot of heat too so inside is probably better.

We've had the AC running nonstop but hopefully it'll cool down sometime next week. We had our granddaughter from Florida here last week and enjoyed having her. Now we have out 7 year old grandson for a total of 3 weeks. It was his choice to stay that long. We have a few neat things planned for him while he's here.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

leo568 replied to rustler66's response:
Good morning everyone!!

Hope you're getting thru the summer.... I wonder if you can have the cookout inside and out? Sit outside some while food is cooking then eat inside. I came down with something early in week. Stuffy head, sore throat, headache. I finally went to Dr and he gave me antibiotics. At least I'm blowing it out now(sorry) I haven't had coffee in 3 days! I can't drink it when I have colds ect.-tastes funny. I'm having some today and enjoying it. I worked Mon, Tuesday and then stayed home. But, I also haven't been able to exercise-at least I didn't feel like eating too !! lol When I tried to do anything physical I ran out of breath. Yesterday I got up and re-potted some plants.

A few days ago I went to store for juice. When I came out I saw someone had bumped into my rear view mirror and knocked it off! My son is at junk yard right now finding another one to replace it.

Lois you're always having fun with those grandkids! My grandson was just here to mow my yard....I gave him a summer job!

take care, Linda
leo568 replied to leo568's response:
I meant SIDE view mirror!! ha ha
rustler66 replied to leo568's response:
Ha, Linda! That would be pretty funny if someone knocked your rear view mirror off. That gave me a good smile for the day!

MandyL1953 replied to rustler66's response:
We had a great time. I thought at first we would be able to eat outside, but it got hotter in the afternoon. So we ate inside. I was so tired when I finally got cleaned up. Been cooling my heals ever since.

I clicked on the thing that notifes you when you get responses to activity on the board here, so that will let me know when there are responses.

I hope you get your mirror fixed Linda - that's a bummer. also hope you feel better. There is a lot of stuff going around here. Colds and a stomach bug. My little grandson got the stomach bug and was sick for 5 days.

Take care all

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