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Laugh for day......
leo568 posted:
Hi to everyone,

I hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of their weekend! I was doing some shopping on my way home. I went to pay with debit card and saw strange writing on card machine after I slid card. Letters were scattered and didn't make a sensible word. I wondered if the machine was wearing out. I asked cashier and she said to enter my numbers and we got sale done. We came to find out it was "communicating" to us in spanish!! I read muchos gracias on the machine as I left. haha Next time I should look and choose the language I can read!

We have begun clean up on Mom and Dad's house. Want to sell it asap. The realator said now is a good time to sell but by the time we're done getting everything out and painting ect. it will be after the good buying time. I'll be spending the day tomorrow on it with brother and sisters. We're packing up any knick knacks and donating them all to good will ect. We run across a favorite now and then and discuss who wants it. Mirrors, furniture ect. I was cleaning out freezer(it was left as is til my brother moved out. I found peanut butter cookies Mom made last year.... wow.

Looks like we're having a warm weekend. Hope you all have a good one! Linda
MandyL1953 responded:
Hi Linda,
I accidentally pushed for Spanish one time in Walmart. I had a time trying to manouver through that one. I learned a little Spanish in high school - but that has been quite a while ago.

I hope you have good luck in selling the house. Things around here are pretty slow, although I think they might be picking up a bit. That has to be hard going through things ..especially finding cookies. I know how hard it was was when my mom died. I still have a bunch of her old silver platted sets and cups and saucers. They are all packed up in my basement. And that was 15 years also. I really need to do something with them.

I just got a new laptop, so I'm trying to get all my stuff working again. Going to take a while.

The heat finally broke a bit yesterday and today. it had been up around 100 the earlier part of the week.
leo568 replied to MandyL1953's response:
Hi Mandy,

Yeah, I'm trying not to take too much from M/D's house. I find some things have strong feelings in them when you've seen it for so long. There are things from when I was little that we always had. But, I don't want to end up on that show..."Hoarders" too! lol

My grandson has begun playing piano so my son came yesterday and we went and loaded up Mom's organ for them to have. I haven't sewn in some time but I have Mom's sewing machine/cabinent. My brother suggested I make some quilts-she always had quilts to give us. Mom had a walker with wheels and a seat on it. We decided to keep it "in the family" in case one of us needs it soon! lol With my knees I might be first in line! It's almost new.

The realator didn't give the price we had hoped for so we'll see if there is something we can do to help.

We did so much moving yesterday, my yard didn't get cut. So my son and grandson are coming back today....good reason to start the grill!! Have a good day, Linda
leo568 replied to leo568's response:
BTW- what kind of laptop do you have? Are you finding neat things it can do(like I did when I got mine)?
MandyL1953 replied to leo568's response:
I actually sent that laptop back. It was an HP and I wasn't very crazy about the way the touch pad worked on it. I ended up getting a Toshiba. It is smaller and less expensive. I really like Windows 7. So I'm going have fun exploring all the new stuff on it.
Take care
leo568 replied to MandyL1953's response:
Have you used the double screen on W-7? A staff at work showed me how to put them up and then I could work on both screens at the same time.

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