JUICE PLUS help kids w/ADHD?
picketyfence posted:
I've heard it can help with this ---- Anyone heard that? Know if it's TRUE?
teeny79 responded:
If it were that easy we would all use it for our kids. Bottom line is...if it sounds to good to be true it is!
juicepluskids responded:
I did a child study while my child was on juice plus to see if it helped with ADHD. I did not see it help in my child with ADHD, but it changed my life in so many ways. My kids have been so healthy since taking juice plus 5 years ago.

I too was a sceptic. My dad had cancer and was told by a dr to try it. He loved it, his energy increased. He became a distributor. I would not get it from him for 3 years. Finally he bought it for my kids. I WOULD NOT LIVE WITH OUT IT. Our sick visits has almost come to an end. My kids do not get sick. their alergies have improved. No runny noses all winter....

Plus this helped bridge the gap between the not eating so much on Add medicine. The new chewables taste great and are 100% whole foods.

I love them and I also was very cautious before i purchased them.
Boyzmomee responded:
I agree Teeny. Just another attempt to feed into parents wanting "natural" treatments.
hootschemist responded:
Personal daily juiceplus, since 1991, and really helped reduce cold symptoms. No flu since 1980's one serious case(before improved health life style) and no diet drinks. Both children were diagnosed ADHD in 1992 and Rx Ritalin. Martial arts classes definitely helped both at age ten(daugher) and eight(son), did not notice any improvements of ADHD symptoms when both tried juice plus for only one month. Both children remained healthy with proper food and exercise through high school years.

Currently remaining flu free each season, using natural health methods. Generic adderall helps me finish one task and then rest, along with dark roast coffee. I do notice a slight loss of mental energy when run out of juice plus capsules, along with swollen neck glands(filtered water with tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and honey helps) and proper exercise for "grandpa".

Thanks for sharing. Currently my two adult children eat and exercise healthy. I do not pressure them to take juice plus(daughter in college and working, on Rx adderall; son working twelve hours on oil rig(no meds), seven days on and then his wife and daughter time) and confident when they reach Over 30 years, both will discover need for benefits of juice plus.
goodeater replied to hootschemist's response:
I never really ate poorly, definitely never got enough fruit/vegetables. I was skeptic about this product too. After some research and trial of a few years, I don't think I could live w/o it.
I also put my kids on it, one of which has ADD. I never expected to see it change that diagnosis and wasn't at all surprised when it didn't. (Omega 3/fish oil helps though) My kids have, however not been on any antibiotics or had (knock on wood...) and flu or other virus since. They also eat a lot more vegetables now.
I do love this. I just wish it wasn't so expensive. I'm hoping that I'm making up for the cost of it in lack of doctor's copays and pharmacy copays.
dawnrabideau replied to teeny79's response:
Juice Plus The challenges and coping with ADHD
by Laura Fleming

#000You can find her on Facebook. She is not a distributor.
juiceplusmamadubz replied to juicepluskids's response:
ditto to everything u just said im 27 have had adhd my whole life now i have 3 kids who are all on jp and i am a vfdd since i started in sep. ive lost 55lbs and am so passionate about this u will see me again im movin through n going to the top this is my passion now it changed my life hows that for a success story