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Vyvanse Information
dsgaddis posted:
Can anybody give some information about Vyvance. I had been taking Adderall, not the XL. It had worked well for about a year and I was getting a tolerance to it. The doctor suggested Vyvanse which suppose to be long acting. I had been on another long acting ADD drug over a year ago. When it stop working during the day I had a hard crash, no warning no; nothing, just CRASH! and I went Stupid! I was leary about going on the Vyvanse but said I would try it. I understand that it is suppose to work longer then the plain Adderall, which supposidly worked 3-4 hrs. Now, there is something called a half-life to medications and it is supposed to be longer with the Vyvanse. What is the half life mean. I heard it was six hours. I am trying to figure out what time to take it so that it will be effective for my entire shift at work. I work evenings. 3-11:30P. If I take it at 2p does it stop work at 8P. I need this to work for the entire shift I work. I was told to take it for my busiest time of day which 3-11:30. If I take it in the morning it wo;n't work in the evening? Does any body have info. I am not good at Chemistry. Thanks
marquezla responded:
I was just diganosed with ADD and I have been placed on Vyvance. I actually love it right now. I take it at 7:00 am and then it will wear off seamlessly for me around 8:00 pm. I did not know that I had ADD until now. I was not able to focus on one thing and was causing myself to become depressed since I was not able to get everything done. I would get bored after awhile and then would leave it alone and then not go back to it which caused me to be frustrated with myself. I am now glad that I am on Vyvance now since I am able to focus on one thing at a time and then be able to get it done. I hope this helps you out in your decision.
choo_chu responded:

I've been taking Vyvanse for a few months and it lasts 12-13 hours from the time I swallow it, just like marquezla said. My schedule is really weird, so I don't want it to wear off until about So I take it at about 12:30PM. For me, it doesn't wear off seamlessly. I have hyperactivity issues. I'm always moving my legs or feet, clicking pens or tapping them on furniture and other things people find annoying. On Vyvanse I don't do that stuff much at all, but when it wears off, it gets worse than when I'm off it and I get irritable for about 30 min. It's a little bit uncomfortable, but compared to how much it helps me, I just sorta deal with it.

The half-life of a drug is the amount of time it takes for half of it to be eliminated from your body. Vyvanse reaches peak levels about 3.5 hours after you swallow it, and should stay close to there until it starts wearing off about 9 hours later. At least that's my understanding.

I hope that helps. Take care.

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