Feeling lost....so I blogged.
sammers2121 posted:
Hey everyone! My name is Samantha and my son struggles with ADHD. Because of problems with side effects from the meds, my son had to stop taking them and we had to find natural treatments. We found one that does help some ( just a regular omega supplement), but not as well as the meds. I started a blog about our day to day struggles. I don't know if it will help anyone or not. By reading it, maybe you will see something similar in your children that my son is going through. Maybe, you will have some pointers for me to help my son. I don't really know. I started the blog to keep a diary of the day to day struggles we go through and maybe with (some luck) we'll find something that works and will help others also.

motherofrob responded:
Did the blogging help. Its hard to be a mom especially when your struggles are different than other parents.
sammers2121 replied to motherofrob's response:
Well, it helps to have this stuff documented I think. That way I can look back at what worked or didn't work, what triggers him to freak out, etc. My husband and I just thought that maybe our expirience could help someone else someday.