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ADHD Meds and Diet Soda
ChristophorM posted:
I have ADHD and Generalized Anxiety. I take Adderall XR and Zoloft.

I usually drink unsweetened iced tea. Real soda is too sweet for me and I know it's not healthy, but I get tired of drinking tea all the time. Coke Zero is the only diet soda I like, but I don't want to drink it if it's not safe.

Is it safe to drink Coke Zero along with these meds? I've heard that the sweetener isn't good for ADHD brains. It sounds kind of silly to me, but then I used to think ADHD wasn't real before I was diagnosed so what do I know?

Any ideas or suggestions are welcome.


- Chris
pharmaD responded:

I take similar meds and have personally had no problems drinking diet soda. The risk you would need to worry about is associated with the caffeine. Caffeine can increase anxiety, especially in combination with the other stimulant AND generalized anxiety disorder. Also, since caffeine and Adderall are both stimulants you may want to make sure your heart rate dosen't increase dramaticallly from your normal rate. The ice tea probably contains caffeine but in a different amount. Keep in mind that everyone reacts differently in these various combinations of drugs, doses, and diseases. If you decide to try it out and you don't notice a change... go for it!

ate12345 replied to pharmaD's response:
Thank you for this,,,very helpful.
ChristophorM replied to pharmaD's response:
Thank you.
sanpantera responded:
well christophorM have u red about the adhd diet,now dr have confirm that artificial colors specially red n yellow food aditives such as aspartame msg(monosodio glutamate) and nitrites do worsen adhd symptoms and so yes cola is never good y should not have caffeine at all it's very risky combine with your meds try and look for the diet here at webmed and invest in u buy organic food eliminate milk,dairy,lactose,casien and gluten i know it sounds overwelming but it's not bad really i have try this with my kids and it has work alot drink omegas and multivitamins go to trader joe or whole foods and only buy wath u eat nothing else,investing in your selve it's the best thing u can do for u and your love ones
Boyzmomee replied to sanpantera's response:
Doctors have confirmed it where?

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