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    Concerta side effects? long term? alternatives?
    luvmy2babiesmuch posted:
    My son is just turning 8, I have been in denial of his ADHD, BUT after 4 days on Concerta, and his better behavior, I guess he does infact have ADHD. the thing is: I just HATE drugging him,, so far the only negative effect is, it takes him about 30 minutes to fall asleep. I just worry too death about the cons to drugs, and the long term effect this may have over many years... he's now just much calmer, not a motormouth, yet, he's still his normal self, just not as negative, angry, talkative, nonsense self... he used to never play by himself, now he will a little, and he's just calmer, and acts happier, and not like a hyped up, negative kid. I love the improvement, but am scared too death of the negatives. I also worry and have always been concerned that maybe the "bad" attitude is just his bad behavior, and not ADHD,, how can you figure that out? Even dr's can't tell if he just needs more spankings, grounding, etc and not medicines... help, help, help..
    Boyzmomee responded:
    Please do not spank or ground your child for his ADHD. He should not have to suffer because of your denial.

    My son will be 13 this week and has been on medication for ADHD since he was 6 years old. I do not view his treatment as "drugging him" but as giving him an opportunity to alleviate his ADHD symtoms and help him thrive educationally, emotionally and socially. I also provide a structured routine, lots of physcial activities and assistance.

    The "side effects" that you have described are all positive. If any other concerns come up you can talk with his doctor about them.

    If you are unsure about appropraite discipline techniques, there are great parenting classes out there.
    luvmy2babiesmuch replied to Boyzmomee's response:
    I guess I didn't make myself clear: We had tried spanking, grounding, time outs, etc.. in the past, before Concerta, and not just being in denial, BUT because we were unsure if it really was ADHD or just bad behavior. After 8 yrs, when none of the punishment had ever worked well, then we decided to try the ADHD medicine. I think there is a fine line between ADHD and just spoilt, bad behavior. I do think this is one overly blamed diagnosis, and while we were very reluctant to have it diagnosed, i do know that it happens, and since giving him Concerta since saturday, 4 days ago, he has improved, so I guess that means that he does infact have ADHD???
    and, you can say that all side effects are positive, that is simply unfounded and untrue. At any time, we take drugs, any drugs for years, they do have negative impacts on our bodies. I will research this, but as far as asking a typical medical dr, they are not going to give you the negatives,, they are not trained to do so, NOR do they even know of the side effects.. and can you say, lawsuits,, nope, no way,, drugs for this and that are a trillion dollar business, they are a good thing, right?? I do not trust everything that traditional doctors say, nor do I think them holy, I will research this, as I do everything concerning my children, That is also why I am here, to hear different ideas, advice, alternatives, etc.. thanks for your imput..
    Boyzmomee replied to luvmy2babiesmuch's response:
    There is not "fine line" between ADHD and "just spoilt bad behavior."

    Brain scans of people with ADHD are different than those of people without it so trying to "punish" a child out of a brain difference is not only unsuccessful it is unfair to the child.

    I did not say that "all side effects are positive." What I did say was the "side effects" you described from the medication for your son were positive " he's now just much calmer, not a motormouth, yet, he's still his normal self, just not as negative, angry, talkative, nonsense self... he used to never play by himself, now he will a little, and he's just calmer, and acts happier, and not like a hyped up,"

    I choose not to take my son to a "typical medical doctor" but to a child psychiatrist for his ADHD treatment. A child psychiatrist has a medical degree plus additional training in both adult and child psychiatry.

    That being said a pediatrician is more than capable of providing you with side effect information on Concerta. It has been around for years. Physicians do not "withhold" information on medications from their patients because it is a 'trillion dollar business" or because of "lawsuits." Withholding information would put them at risk not providing it.

    You don't have to trust your physician. As for me, I could not put my child in the care of a physician I do not trust. While you may choose to research things on your own, you must be aware that you are not a physician, one who has a 4 year degree, then another 4 years in medical school, spends time in an internship, residency, perhaps a fellowship, takes licencing exams, board exams etc. You nor I are on the same playing field as a physician. In addition, not all information that you find will come form reputable sources. You must be able to detemine that in order to provide yourself with accurate information.
    bethb1974 responded:
    We had to have a lot of paper work and tests to get our diagnoses. The teacher had to fill out surveys, i had to fill out surveys, etc, etc,. It also helps to work with a pedi, psycologist, and the school.

    I noticed the most improvement at school. It helped him 100% He no longer gets into trouble, fights, his grades have improved. That makes all the difference to me.
    Boyzmomee replied to bethb1974's response:
    As did we.

    My son's learning just took off after we started him on medication.

    I'm so glad your son is doing well now. It's hard on the whole family when a child is struggling.
    Snowpaw50 replied to luvmy2babiesmuch's response:
    I've had a really great experience with Concerta. I've been on it for at least 5 years and the only side effect I've had was the decrease in appetite. Depending on I take the Concerta it also takes me over 30 minutes to fall asleep, but only if it is still actually working. If it's worn off for the day I have no trouble falling asleep. I would say that as long as he doesn't start acting extremely strange than it is okay for him to take it. I've found that Concerta isn't as hard on me as other medications, like Ritalin, which I used to take. I have ADD instead of ADHD so it might affect me differently than someone with ADHD, but I have all of the symptoms of ADHD just without the hyperactivity.
    lma33167 responded:
    My son is also 8 and has ADHD, I also HATE drugging him. I have tried all the Homeopathic approaches and diet stuff, but nothing has helped. He also tends to be argumentative, rude and disruptive. We have issues in the neighborhood, and all of it makes me feel bad, and him too. He understands ADHD and we talk about it.
    Just started Adderall, and I don't know how I feel about it. I don't think its doing what we need. He still get easily frustrated and upset............????????I don't know. Maybe concerta? Guess we'll talk to the doctor again soon. We were also just denied new Health Ins. with Cigna because of his ADHD!!!
    lma33167 replied to Boyzmomee's response:
    What medication is your son on? I just started the Adderall, 2 weeks ago, and not sure how I feel.
    He can be so defiant, that people see him as rude and mean. He is not....deep down it gets us both, because he is a kid with a big heart, and little patience. easily frustrated and I agree, having increased patience in parenting is best. Its tough though for everyone, until you can find the help you need.
    lma33167 replied to bethb1974's response:
    Do you use Concerta as well? We have been on Adderall for 2 weeks, first Rx med, and I am not sure how I feel.
    Boyzmomee replied to lma33167's response:
    My son is 13. He has been on Adderall since he was 6 and is doing well. The dosage had to be adjusted for growth.

    Give him some time to adjust but if you see serious side effects, call his doctor.
    Jennifer513007 responded:
    Hello I was reading over your posts and wanted to see what you ended up doing with your son. I am going through the exact same thing and I feel exactly as you did and any guidance would help. Thank you.

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