All Natural Medications
erykaj posted:
I have a question. Both of my boys are ADD/ADHD/ODD. I would like to try going all natural.

I was researching Synaptol (a liquid) and Attend (a mini pill). They both have been FDA approved. My question is what would be the side effects if I took my boys off of the concerta and intuniv if they are not a controlled substance and a non stimulant. why would I have to gradually take them off?

Please help because I am confused. According to WebMD, I am ADHD and I would like to try the Synaptol since it goes straight to the bloodstream. Safe enough for children too.
Boyzmomee responded:
If you are thinking of stopping your child's medication please speak with your son's doctor before doing so.
AbhAadi responded:

Have you started giving your child Synoptol. If yes did it work?
Was threre any side effects.
Please share your experience to help other parents like me that will be a great help.

Thank you.
JMC12345 replied to AbhAadi's response:
My son was diagnosed with moderate ADD/HD last December at the age of 12. Since his bigger issue is the inattentiveness I decided to try a change in his diet (cut out lots of processed foods) and natural remedies before even considering a medication. I bought 4 bottles of Synaptol in August. I decided to try it myself to see if there was a difference in my focus. I did notice a difference. My son notices a difference as well. I am not sure if medication is stronger and I would not make changes until you consult your child's doctor, As far as side effects we have not noticed any. Good luck!