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risperidone for ADHD/ODD child
jettsmommy posted:
My doctor just prescribed risperidone for my 8 yr. old son. He is diagnosed as being ADHD w/ ODD. He was on Vyvanse and Intuniv...which is not working for him at all. Has anyone had any luck with the combination of Vyvanse and risperidone. I am really scared about this medication, the side effects sound terrible, but I want my sweet little boy back!!!
momuv4girls responded:
Risperdone is excellent at controlling aggression/frustration, it doesn't necessarily control ADHD.

My daughter has been on it for 4-years now with great success, but her pdoc (short for child psychiatrist) prescribed it for her aggression.

Wondering if your son's Dr. is a pdoc? Hopefully !

What dose was he started out on?

jettsmommy replied to momuv4girls's response:
Thank you for responding.....we just started 0.5 risperdone and he also takes 60 mg Vyvanse. I have read some studies that showed good response with using both drugs...but I just wanted some personal accounts. I am starting to feel better about using it now.

Do you remember how long it takes for the risperdone to take effect? And yes, we use a pediatric psychiatrist as well.

Thanks again!
momuv4girls replied to jettsmommy's response:
Hi again Holly,

That's really great your son does see a pdoc!

Risperdal is fairly fast acting, you should see some results within a few days, BUT it takes two-weeks to see the full effect of the current dose.

My daughter started out on .25mgs and over time we have bumped it up to 1.5mgs.

It is super helpful (for you and the pdoc) to keep a journal of how you son is doing daily, that way when you go back for your check-up you can refer back to your notes.
This is really important when you are starting a new med.
It doesn't have to be indepth, just a quick note of how his mood/behaviors were for the day.

One thing I did notice with my daughter is that she became over-heated very easily. This is not uncommon with risperdal, so just watch for that, and make sure he stays hydrated.

Take care, and write back anytime, I'm happy to share my experiences!
ebayaddict responded:
I was on risperdone for a while for bipolar. I responded well in terms of the manic type symptoms. A lot like the ADHD bur to a much larger degree. Also, things like the arguing decreased also. There was less aggression. I ended up switching because my dosage was slowly creeping up and got to be too large a need. It did handle things very well, though.
Boyzmomee replied to ebayaddict's response:
However, you were not precribed Risperdal for ADHD.

ADHD is not mania.

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