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ADHD help, please
Paul780 posted:
Hi i'm an 18 year old male, normal health,
but i have one problem i can't focus, i can't stay motivated or complete tasks...
I made it into univeristy with the help of a tutor for the past 4 years, and now i can
no longer afford her. ive always though ive had add/adhd, so i went to see a doctor recently but i blew me away at how close minded he was. "your in univeristy?" "yes sir" "well you should have failed out of highschool you don't have adhd" and that was that.
It seems like its getting harder and harder for me to sit down and open a book, i just stare at the words meaninglessly and then find myself day dreaming. i waste countless hours sitting doing nothing. what take me 4 hours to learn take the average person 30 minutes. im sick of this lifestyle, i want to do great thing with myself but i'm limited by these factors that i can not control. so far i'm failing my first year of university and i don't know what to do..
the doctor wasn't any help, so what should i do?
thank you for your time,
Boyzmomee responded:

You need to see a specialist in ADHD. My older son has ADD and he was valedictorian in high school.

My youngest has ADHD, is in the 7th grade with A's and B's.

If you have ADHD, the university can provide tutors and other assistance. You would need to go to the disability resource center.

Don't wait.
momuv4girls responded:
Hi Paul,

Your Univ. has physicians, is that who you saw?
Your college probably has a Psychiatrist on staff - have you looked to see ?
We live in CA, and my daughter attends one of our State colleges and she has seen the attending psychiatrist and found him super helpful. I hope this is a possibility for you......

Would your parents have medical coverage on you? Possibly you could find a psychiatrist through that avenue as well ??

--Just some thoughts.

choo_chu responded:
I agree with boyzmom.

At the student health center there should be a psychiatrist on staff. He or she should be proficient at diagnosing adhd. Not everyone who has adhd has really significant problems when they are younger. University is much more stressful than the earlier years and adhd can really become a problem then. There should be a Office For Students With Disabilities (or something like that) where you can be evaluated for certain accomodations. For example, you may be able to have extended test taking time or a note taker.

I did quite well in highschool and didn't find out I had adhd until I was in college. I didn't do so well in college the first time. I had many issues, some of which you describe. The second time I did better. I found a major I was really, really, really interested in. That makes a difference.
Paul780 responded:
Thank you everyone for your support and suggestion, i really really appreciate it.
I go to the U of Alberta in canada, and i talked to my phychology prof and he give me info about the student health services which provides services just like the ones you people are describing for me. You guys answered my question fully, so thank you. but i will answer some questions i was asked in the replies.

I saw my family physician
yes i am currently looking at health options through the university
i have do have health insurance and i will consider a local specialist, Thank you

I'm happy this online resource is available for people, thank you all very much. and i hope the best for everyone

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