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trying to get back on my meds
mafiamaegan27 posted:
was diagnosed at age 7 with adhd and put on ritalin. when i was 12 i stopped taking it cuz my father thought we could find ways to live with adhd without any meds. it worked for awhile and then i tried meth at age 14 and couldnt figure out why when i did it i was the oppisite of what everyone else was doing and feeling. for the first time since i was on meds i felt normal. i continued using meth as my medication until i was 17. i then spoke to the family dr. and he had me re-evaluated and put me on adderall and welbutrin. thats when i was able to actually start living a normal life. im 29 now and i havent been on meds for 4 years because i no longer have a primary care doctor. ive maintained this long but im at a point where i need the meds again badly.
i have absolutly no control over it anymore and my job and my relationships are suffering. i dont want to go back to self medicating with meth but i cant get a dr. to prescribe me the meds i was taking that worked for me. at present i have not been able to sleep for about 4 days and i work 12 hour shifts and its impossible for me to make it through the day without completly loosing my mind. my fuse doesnt even exsist its so short and the depression keeps coming in spurts. i cant shut up or calm down and i hate it. the soonest that i could evn be considered for meds is about 2 months away and thats with a doctor i settled with after calling a dozen or so to get a timeline on how soon i can get back on my meds. im afraid that by that time i might not have a job, friends or boyfriend at the rate im going. what can i do to get the dr. to give the medicine without having to do all the testing all over again?
Voopers responded:
You could try to ask your old doctor for your files and maybe have him call the new doctor with the information or have the new doctor call him and maybe if the severity of the problem is brought to the new doctor's attention he will prescribe you a minor amount until you can see him. There is also calling the er or going to one with your problems it's extreme but if you go there with the problems of not sleeping for four days maybe you can see a doctor sooner. When I was going through depression I went to the doctor before I did anything gerastic and I was in to see a phsychiatrist within three days. I don't know if it will work for this problem or not but it can't hurt to try at least you may be able to get ahold of a sleeping aide to help with the sleep which may make you able to cope better. Also take out all Caffiene and stay away from red dye are too good tips to help your ADHD stay down a bit, it works for my son when we have had to wait for meds to be refilled, in any case it won't be easy but hang in there. Even go back to what you were doing when you were managing before see what you have stopped doing and do it again minus the drugs of course that's never the answer. The reason why the drugs had the opposite affects on you as the other people is because it is a known fact that some cases of adhd where caffiene may normally make a person hyper for ADHD it may calm you down so maybe if you drink more Caffien it will help. There are a few tips here I hope I have helped.
mafiamaegan27 replied to Voopers's response:
thank u! i will call first thing monday to see f its possible to get a minor doseage..i was also going to go to the whole foods store and get something natural to help with the sleeping. thank you again!!
Lainey_WebMD_Staff replied to Voopers's response:
Hi Voopers!

Your reply was so helpful. Thank you for sharing your wonderful advice with a new member.

Take care,

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Lainey_WebMD_Staff responded:
Welcome to the community, Mafiamaegan!

Please feel free to ask questions and use our "Search This Community" tool.

You will find many caring supportive members here.

Take care,

A community is like a ship; everyone ought to be prepared to take the helm. Henrik Ibsen

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