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2 things odd my kids do: do yours?
booberryjuice posted:
When I try to have a conversation or say anything that my kids dont like ... they take it as yelling! Even at school my DD (16) (ADHD, moderate to severe) , says the teacher is yelling at the kids all day, when i asked the teacher about it she says she 'tells' them things but does not yell, she tells people that i yell at her all the time...' NOT',,,,, usually i am asking her to do a chore, like put her clothes away , feed her lizard, etc. and it seams because its something that she doesnt want to do - it comes across to her as yelling at her. I can't parent my child normally, and,

She over fabricates things to the point that "its just NOT the way it is" i have talked to others and she gives different stories all the time , she doesnt interpret things the true way they are , I am worried this is gonna be bad for her in the "real world".

Anyone else that has this problem???? My 7yr old is now acting like this too, says the teacher yells at him all day (he has signs of ADD) (teachers have told me this for 2 yrs. now - but i do not want to medicate yet.) My DD has been on some meds in the past that helped but made her gain allot of weight, she has not been on any for awhile , but i feel like she should be.She is seeing someone new lately and hopefully it helps, SOON.
Lainey_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Booberryjuice and welcome to the community!

My children all exaggerate and only 1 son is mildly dyslexic. Many children are looking for sympathy from peers or others and will color the event.

Keep talking to your children and enforcing how their behavior can hurt them later in life.

I love your WebMD nickname!

A community is like a ship; everyone ought to be prepared to take the helm. Henrik Ibsen
blanco0813 responded:
My daughter does this ALL THE TIME! She thinks everytime i correct her behaviour the world is ending and everyone is against her. Lately she says that what upsets her is her fathers "dirty look" when she is being corrected.
Talk with your Dr., I tell my girl that life is full of things that you aren't going to like to hear and ADD isn't an excuse not to hear them, it's what she decisions she makes with the information she gets that will make a difference, i've definately changed the way i parent and it is a struggle that you want to give up on sometimes but don't stop correcting or disciplining it's a necesaary part of the process i think.

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