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mom needs help
0612britter posted:
My son is a sweet boy but its hard for him to sit and complete a single task wothout asking him six or more times to do it. A year ago I had ask the doctor if there was a possabilty that my son had ADHD becuase of fact he wasn't sitting still or following very easy directions. she said to come back and have him looked at if he fail the k class. well a year later and he was held back by me becuase "they felt he wasn't ready to move on" so I have agreed and so now he repeating k again. problem is no is will to diagnose him because of his age. they say he is too young to tell. but you don't understand I watch other kids have no problems in school or at home and I cry why can't my son be like that?? I support him 100% but the behaviors and unable sit still have got to change. he is walking talking robot that will not shut down.I realize that some is here and they stay up and be annoying but he can't focus at taks at hand nor can he still still long enough for me to explain things to him.

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jilangel responded:
Hi, your story sounds alot like mine. My son is 6 and has the same problems. He didn't do too well in kindergarten either but I had the school test him for a learning disability. Thankfully he doesn't have one but he talks too much and cannot sit still, can't focus, is disruptive the list goes on . I don't need a diagnosis to know that he has ADHD but I just started taking him to a psychiatrist and the social worker that starts the process confirmed the ADHD. No tests just reports about his behavior from me, the school and general observations. We go to the doc again friday, I think they are going to prescribe meds. I will agree to mild meds and behavior therapy. My son needs help and I think this is the best way. How old is your son? You have to demand to your sons pediatrician that your son needs help. Rule out the learning disability by having your school test him, and ask your pediatrician to refer you to a psychiatrist, they can help you manage your sons condition. But we have alot of work ahead for us. I am trying to be more patient but firm. I recently met someone whose son had sever ADHD and she said she would be lost with the meds, they are helping him and he started getting high marks in school. Your childs school can provide you with documentation that proves he is unable to function properly in a class setting. That should get the ball rolling. You want the best for him just like me. What state do you live in? In NY I had no problem once I showed my son was too disruptive in school. I think I am doing the right thing.
HolisticHealthandWellness replied to jilangel's response:
Try neurofeedback. There is a lot of info on the subject if you google neurofeedback and ADHD
jilangel replied to HolisticHealthandWellness's response:
thank you, I will look into this.
Boyzmomee replied to HolisticHealthandWellness's response:
It has not been found to be that effective for ADHD.

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