stacey1990xx posted:
need help so bad i have a 4 year old son another son 1 and a daughter 3 months am really struggling with my 4 year old hes off the walls very aggressive always on the go running shouting everything he will not listen to a word we say its getting to much told health visitor about it she just said he needs more attention he has loads as it is but he wants it 24/7 which cant b done as have other kids health vistor just blamed parenting and there is nothing more we can do try reward charts naughty steps everytin u can think off done it now am stuck and he is getting very hard to cope with need help
momuv4girls responded:
Hi Mom,

You definitely have your hands FULL !!!

I highly suggest the parenting books

I'm sure you don't have a lot of time to read, but if you can squeeze this book in, you won't be sorry, it gives a ton of useful parenting tricks, tips and healthy positive advice that really works!

Its so frustrating when people automatically assume its "bad parenting" or lack of attention that causes a child's behavior - - its more like the child was born revved up, or needs something different. Teasing out what exactly the child needs can be challenging and time consuming.


Hang in there, and hold your head up high !
stacey1990xx replied to momuv4girls's response:
ive tried that book also the new jo frost book nothing is working i justt dont no wat to do with him hes such hard work he starts school in september so gunna get the school to monititor him and see wat they fink its horriable as only 21 and people look down there nose so much as cant control him so of his behaviour my one year old is coping and i really dont want that.thank u 4 ur message