drug test
An_239359 posted:
I took 1 or 2 adderall two months ago. I have to do a hair folical test nnext week do you think I am ok or do I need a drs. note. It is a 90 day hhair test.
1Mobilecollector responded:
There is a possibility that any medication, whether prescribed or over the counter, could cause a drug test to show a positive result. It is important to remember to write down all prescriptions AND over the counter medications that you have taken after performing any type of drug testing. Urine specimen collections - think back a period of 7-10 days prior to taking the drug test. Hair specimen collections, dependent upon the manufacturer which are not currently federally regulated, could be a period of a few months or even longer durations prior to testing. The key is to write down all of your prescriptions and over the counter medications that you had taken prior to the test date. You are allowed to take medications provided that they are in your name and you provide full disclosure to the Medical Review Officer if they contact you. The Lab completing the review of the specimen is obligated to contact the donor, prior to issuing the results, to resolve questions regarding the use of medications prior to the date of the drug test.

In short - HAIR SPECIMEN DRUG TESTING - DISCLOSE ALL MEDICATIONS PRIOR TO THE DATE OF THE DRUG TEST. You are allowed to take medications, prescribed to you in your name, just be sure to provide the information to the Medical Review Officer in the event that they contact contact you with questions regarding medications.