My son is ADHD and nothing seems to work
An_239966 posted:
My son is 5 years old and for over year we have tried diff meds they work for a few weeks or so then stop working. The Dr just put him on Focalin and it worked the first week and now Im getting calls again about him being whinny and hitting and tellling teachers no. I just dont what to do anymore. Everywhere I go I feel people are looking at me and talking about how bad a parent I am. He started out riding the school bus and parents where coming to the bus driver telling her not let there child sit next to mine. I feel so bad for him. He can be a loving child Sorry now Im babbling. I just dont know anymore. any suggestions?
momuv4girls responded:
What type of Dr. did your son's evaluation and is medicating?

Medication is very individual, and you need a really smart Dr. in charge of your son's care and medication - - not your "typical" pedi.

School is another thing. I would look into either a 504 plan or an IEP to allow your son some quiet space. There can be any accommodations that you deam fit to add into his plan.

Here is a helpful link to explore about school help:

You need help and support - I urge you to look into this great organization:

As for the parents.......ugh, I really feel for you there. Sadly, you'll need to develop a thick skin to ignore those parents that judge. Your son is young, has challenges and it will get better and easier - - but it takes time, proper meds and school support.

I'm sorry life is so tough right now (((Hugs))).
Keep your chin up, do some reading, look into help for your son and possibly find a new Child Psychiatrist to treat him.

Take care,
zombieroses23 responded:
I have you tried a child therapist? My parents took me to see one in third grade and it not only helped to properly diagnose me, but to help me find ways of dealing with my ADD. Perhaps by seeing one, your son can unlock his interests that will help.
As for the other parents, I know how much of an insult it can be. I was often looked down on as the "misfit" or "oddball" because I didn't seem to be "normal" to them. But it does take a thick skin for both you and your son as he gets older.
I was in his shoes, so don't let him think that he's not as good as the other kids. Even with severe ADD, I've managed to stay top of my class, become a successful writer and artist, attend multiple exclusive conferences, and will soon be graduating high school with high honors. So don't lose faith.
Tigerflysmith replied to zombieroses23's response:
Thank you,
I just feel so lost right now and no one seems to understand. thanks again. I will look into the suggestions.
misjacki responded:
Hi An_239966,

I soooooo TOTALLY understand you. We are experiencing the same as you describe!!! I feel so isolated while trying to reach out to people for support. My son is 6, in first grade, and was also on Focalin. He took it for about 6 months(beginning in June) then stopped responding to it. During our first Parent-Teacher conference, I described my son's behavior before meds to his teacher and she looked at me like I was crazy, because that's not the child SHE knew. She described him as the perfect student. In fact, in Sept, he scored 98 on his COGAT test....We were blown away!! Then shortly after the P/T conf, I forgot to give him his meds one morning. I got a email from her at 8:30am asking me if everything was OK. I knew then, exactly, what I had done. After that she has been very responsive to communication with us until we find new meds that he can respond to.

I know it's been some time since you posted this, but I'm curious to know if you soon found a solution for you son, and what was it ??