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nika752001 posted:
My 10 yr old daughter has ADD and is taking dexadrine and intuniv right now. I am having serious behavior problems with her. She does things over and over that she has been punished or grounded for she doesnt mind at all. She doesnt sleep hardly at all. She doesnt like to be around alot of people but does amazing at school. She reads well and is very well liked by all her teachers and her classmates. I can tell her not to do something one day and she will do that very thing the next day and then lie about it. I can punish her for something and she will do it the next day. Im just wondering if this behavior is ADD related or not and if anybody else has these same problems with their child with ADD/ADHD and if so how do you handle it? I am really at a loss. I dont know what to do anymore and I dont want to continue to punish her for something that she cant help. This dexadrine is the 5th med we have tried so Im wondering if we need to try something else.
momuv4girls responded:
Is your daughters Dr. (and the one who evaluated her) a Child Psychiatrist ?

It sounds like the meds are not quite right (or at the right dose). A child should be able to sleep at night.
Her Dr. should be aware of this and her behavior.

Prior to meds, what was her behavior like? Was she oppositional back then?

It is difficult to parent a child that "doesn't care", I bet she does really care, its just in the moment she doesn't, and you could impose ANY consequence and they would say "so what".........This is really tough, and I could see you being very frustrated and feel defeated.

First off, you need a plan. Call her Dr. and make an appointment (if her Dr. is not a Child Psychiatrist, then find a really good, board certified one).

Talk to the Dr. about behavior difficulties and how she is not sleeping. You need the Dr. onboard to help you with a plan.
Maybe her meds need lowering, or ? ? ?

Write back anytime, I'm happy to support and give you some ideas.
Take care,
Gina Pera replied to momuv4girls's response:
Great response from Kathleen.

I don't have much to add, but I would ask about the methodology used as five medications were tried. Or was there a methodology? There often isn't, but it's important.
Patricia Quinn, MD responded:
Dear Nika

I agree with the other responses, but just want to add that children with ADHD do not learn by cause and effect like other children. THey live in the NOW and what happened yesterday or will happen tomorrow has very little consequence. THey do better when behavioral expectations are clearly spelled out and appropriate behaviors are rewarded. In addition, medication that decreased impulsive acting without thinking also improved these behaviors. I suggest that you keep working with your physician to get the medicationa and dosage correct, but that you also work with a mental health professional who specialized in behavior management to help you set up a positive program that will work for your daughter.

Dr Quinn

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