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I need help
Motherneedsanswers posted:
My son was diagnostic with ADD and he was put on some meds the problem that we are having is he can't swallow pills he gags on them and we tried everthing spraying his mouth with stuff that is spose to make it easier to swallow pills. Putting the pill in apple sauce.He can chew pills.My question is is there any pills out there that he can chew for his ADD?
momuv4girls responded:
You should talk to his Dr. about other options - I do know there is a patch called Daytrana.

Medications are really individual, so you may need to trial and error a few before you find one that works great for him.

Take care,
Patricia Quinn, MD responded:
Dear Mother

If you son takes methylphenidate there are several options...the daytrana patch, methylin chewables and methylin liquid.

Dr Quinn