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medication question dr?
bostonrocks1978 posted:
Please excuse the typing, i recently sprained my hand and am trying to type with one hand. I am a 33 yr old woman with adhd. i am currently on ritalin la 40mg in the am and ritalin 10 mg after 4 hrs the 20 mg after another 4 hrs. i am really struggling partly because i can't always take the ritalin on time. i work at a preschool and want the director to know nothing about it. i also have bipolar. are there any other meds out there thst might last longer? my dr says no but i thought there were. is it possible to take another ritalin la after 6 or 7 hours and be set for the day? Thank you all for your help.
Patricia Quinn, MD responded:
Dear Boston Rocks

First, a question... Is your bipolar being treated? It is important to make sure that your mood is stabilized as stimulants can precipitate mania in bipolar individuals. Next, there are longer acting medications than Focalin LA, both Concerta and the Daytrana patch in the same drug category. You might ask your doctor about these medications. If he does not want to discuss these with you, I suggest that you look for another physician.

Pat Quinn, MD