Frustrated With Side Effects Of ADHD Drugs
Blueeyesnlevis posted:
Are you searching for another option to control the symptoms of ADD/ADHD?

Have you - like me - had enough of meltdowns, no appetite, aggressive behaviours, inability to sleep, watching your child struggle both on and off prescription medications?

I finally had enough two years ago and put my foot down because something HAD to change - my son was simply not thriving and the chaos associated with drug side effects were maing life very unpleasant for everyone on our family.

Please share any ideas, thoughts or practices that you have put into place in order to achieve a positive result for yourself or child(ren).
Boyzmomee responded:
I have found medication to be a very successful treatment for my son. There are different types and classification of medications so if one is not successful another very well may be.

My son thrives with his medication and a very positive and structured environment with lots of physical activity.