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Differnt ADHD Medications
beanma posted:
I have a crazy question. Does anyone know if any ADHD medication comes in any other form besides a pill. I am having GREAT difficulty every day getting my daughter to take her medicine. She can not swallow the pill and she says the pwder part taste bad and she just does not want to take it. Does anyone have any sugestions that could help me with this.
Thank You
momuv4girls responded:
The Daytrana patch may be an option, and I believe there is a liquid form of another med.

Call and ask your daughter's Dr. for an alternative - there are other options out there.

motherofrob responded:
LOVE the Daaytrana patch. The patch can be placed while the child is asleep also so its effects are in the system when the child wakes up.
Patricia Quinn, MD responded:
As previously stated your options are Daytrana, Methylin Oral Suspension, and opening some of the capsules that contain beads that can be sprinkled on food.

Pat Quinn, MD