ADD/ADHD and anxiety
jojomsu posted:
I have 2 boys that have ADD and ADHD. They have both anxiety issues and mild learning disabilities. Does anyone ever fell if other people's reaction to them or the way they are treated adds to the symptoms of ADD/ADHD and the anxiety issues?
momuv4girls responded:
Heck yes.

My daughter has pretty severe anxiety issues and her teacher, who does try, but doesn't really "get" it, often times says things that will heighten my daughters anxiety and make it difficult for her to concentrate and work.

Its not intentional though, but all the same, it affects my daughter.

I believe the trick, is to teach my daughter coping skills and help her work through her anxiety issues, because the world is not going to change for her.

She goes to psychotherapy once a week to learn coping skills and problem solving techniques.

Take care,