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Confused about Adderall
chancelawance posted:
I took adderall a few times, and I'm not prescribed it. I love the way I am when I take it. I can talk for hours and hold a conversation with ANYONE. I just want to talk to everyone. I feel like it allows me to be the person I want to be.. Like I'm so friendly and happy and all that. It makes me want to answer questions in class and just I love it.. I don't really know my question, but I guess how could I get it prescribed? I know that they are really careful with prescribing it because it's highly abused.
Would my reasons not be legitimate? How do I know if I have ADHD? Or is there another medication? I've been on antidepressants in the past and I don't like it at all.
StayHealthy77 responded:
How old are you? Please know that Adderall is a central nervous system stimulant which is highly addictive. Get tested to confirm whether you do have ADHD which can eliminate a simpler case of lack of social skills, which, seems to be the case from what you have shared. Remember, ADDERALL DOES NOT MAKE YOU SMARTER!!! It only helps in concentration IF you have a deficiency. So, if you are able to hold long conversations and be proactive in class, which is bringing happiness in your life, its because of your abilities. Not adderall! All the words for the conversations and answers in the class are coming from YOU! Why don't you try things that will keep you motivated and boost your self confidence? Like, join salsa classes, join networking groups of common interest. Also, if you do have problems concentrating, try natural remedies which will help improve this ability. Try games which help you focus. Don't just jump to adderall. Don't opt for instant gratification.
Gina Pera responded:
If you do in fact have ADHD, what you describe might be a positive reaction to medication. Then again, you might just be "speeding."

Many people with ADHD suffer socially because they cannot track a conversation, pay attention to social cues, etc. They get distracted or lose interest, etc. Medication can help many of them to be less distractible and inattentive, more able to channel their focus where they want to. They can also participate more actively in the classroom, at home, etc.

All that said, I am not a fan of Adderall. While it works well for many people (might even work the best of all the stimulants), for many others, it causes as many problems as it resolves.

For one, it can produce a visceral "speedy" feeling. Other stimulants are more subtle.

It can also be addictive.

I encourage you to learn more about Adult ADHD and its treatment strategies before experimenting with medications that aren't prescribed for you. Not only is it illegal, but you could jeopardize your chances of finding a treatment strategy that will work well for you over the long haul.
Good luck!

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