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Late ADD Bloomer
rspenader posted:
Hello All!

My name is Rachel, I'm 25, I have a beautiful baby boy named Tommy. I was treated for PPD after I had my son, now that I'm over the hurdle they said I have ADD. Since 16 yrs old through 22, I didn't know what life was like until now. I self medicated with alcohol and drugs, mainly alcohol. I had terrible mood swings when I was sober for a day. My parents tried taking me to the dr when I was younger but I cried my way out of it. Okay, enough with my life story.....

Well, now, I switched from Adderall to Ritalin today and it seems to being doing okay. My question to fellow ADD/ADHD'ers , do you have any tips? I'm still fairly new to this and I just want to learn how to cope. Thanks guys!
Patricia Quinn, MD responded:
Dear Rspenader

Sounds like you have made great progress. Knowing what is wrong and getting help can make all of the difference. I woudl suggest that you get more infromation abut how ADhd can affect you as a woman and as a mom. Visit my site at and check out the section on women with ADHD. There is also a book, Moms with ADD by Chris ADamec and another site,

Pat Quinn, MD
Patricia Quinn, MD responded:
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