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Finding the right ADHD medication
SAHMofIT posted:
My 6 year old son was diagnosed over a year ago with ADHD. We have tried 3 different medications, but none seem to help with his impulsiveness and anger outbursts. We started with Vyvanse. Saw an improvement almost immediately, then the anger issues arised. His doctor added prozac. He got to extremely high doses and we were then referred to a pediatric psychiatrist. That doctor took him completely off of those. He changed him to intuniv. When we were still seeing problems w/behavior, he added resperidal. Didn't seem to work. He has been taking Kapvay for a little over 2 months. All these medications definitely help w/the hyperactivity, but none help w/behavior problems. He is really struggling in kindergarten b/c of behavior. He is currently taking Kapvay and Depakote. I'm not sure what steps to take next. Does anyone know a medication or combonation of meds that would help with impulse control and anger management? He does see a counselor as well. He is an extremely bright kid and I just want him to be successful. Any input would be rather helpful.
momuv4girls responded:
Hi Mom,

I'm glad you found a Child Psychiatrist for your son - - but curious what his diagnosis now is ?? Did this psychiatrist do a thorough evaluation ?
When I say thorough, I am talking about several visits with your son alone, a visit or 2 with you and your husband alone? Did the psychiatrist review a ton of paperwork filled out by yourself, husband, caregiver AND teacher ?? Then come up with a diagnosis??
That is what a thorough evaluation "looks" like.

When diagnosing and medicating young children (who can be complicated) you need an expert.

Depakote is a mood stabilizer medication, so I'm assuming there is a mood component along with ADHD?? What has the psychiatrist said about all this?

Medication is an individual thing - - what works great for one child, can be a disaster for the next child, and unfortunately, trial and error is what it takes to find a good med combo.

At age 7 my daughter was on risperdal with great success - then break-through symptoms happened and we tried Depakote - - wowwww, that was a huge disaster for her. She became meaner, angrier, and started to self-harm.
Her pdoc (short for psychiatrist) took her off it and we tried several other meds until we found a combo that works.

It can be very difficult managing a child such as yours (and mine) - I hope you have some good support at home and a good pdoc to treat him.

I wanted to throw this website out to you, as it has been my education, my lifeline and my support in regards to raising my daughter.

Take care Mom, and write back anytime (((((HUGS)))))

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