ADD and Anxiety
An_243100 posted:
I'm looking for any kind of help I can get. I feel at ends with this.

I've taken Adderall on and off again for years. But in this case its been over a year. About 6 or so months ago I stopped taking it all together because I had run out and didn't have a chance to fill the script...

It was terrible, I couldn't calm down, I would clench my leg muscles, rock back and forth, everything that's like withdrawal symptoms.

We got me back on adderrall, and it helped a bit, but the symptoms have never gone away. I've even been perscribed xanax to help, as the doctor and I were thinking anxiety was the cause, but it only helps a little, and makes me really tired.

So I'm not sure if I should look into more meds, or try and stop the adderall all together. Please help!
Kossmore responded:
Anxiety seems to be a common problem with ADHD. I wish I had some ideas for you but anxiety is also my problem. Don't give up looking for answeres, they sometimes come in odd ways. Good luck!