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As yet not officailly dignosed
Disco58 posted:
I am 53, male, and lately have been doing a lot of reading trying to figure things out. I have done many surveys/questionaires, the ten and twenty symptoms of ADHD here on WebMD, etc. While self diagnosis is understandably problematic, all indications point to ADHD. In each I have almost without exception been able to check off each symptom as a 'yes' -- the marital issues, job issues, academic issues, inattentiveness/distractibility, lack of organizational skills, etc, etc, ad nauseum. It's like reading a history of my life. I have report cards saved from elementary school, and in about 4th grade (age 10) there started mentions of these symptoms. Before that I was a straight 'A' student. After that point grades went downhill in fairly short order. My job history has been spotty at best. I get disillusioned and even bored rather quickly. I find it almost impossible to complete tasks. The level of enthusiasm at the beginning is very high, but quickly wanes, then another project is started, then another, and other, until I have a large grocery list of them. Interestingly enough, this is verbatim a description of my father, and one of the reasons my parents divorced - my mother described him, and later me as 'lazy' because we could never finish anything we started. She also describes his other traits, and they are a mirror image of my own. In doing a lot of inner searching, all this is pieces of a puzzle that are finally falling into place. During a recent five year marriage, my ex somehow acquired a degree in psychology, and decided I was bi-polar. She related her 'diagnosis' to a marriage counselor, and due to her skewed description believed it a possibility, and began treating me for it. He failed, in part because the diagnosis was wrong, and he also left that office for greener pastures out of the area. Ironically enough, he told her she had histrionic personality disorder, although she refused to accept it, deciding I was the one who needed 'fixed'. As an aside, I was husband #6. Because of my job history, current unemployment and thus the lack of medical insurance, I am forced to seek help through a community healthcare center. Unfortunately, I sincerely believe my inability to pay for treatment affects the care I receive. I can't continue on as I have been, but what choices do I have?
Baisy responded:
I have always struggled with these symptoms and even have my psychology degree but never realized I had ADD. It caused a very difficult and stressful life. Ironically it was a community healthcare service that diagnosed me. I've been on adderall for years now and although it is not a cure all (no such thing) it has helped me immensely! I had been to several counselors throughout my life for severe depression, low self esteem and anxiety all a by product of ADD. I wish you the best of luck and hope you can find someone who can help you. Don't give up.

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