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Ambidextrous training side effects?
demahom posted:

I am a 19 year old guy and about a couple of days ago I started training to become ambidextrous. I feel weird when I try to use my left hand but I figured that that is just my brain resisting the training. After that I read an article on webmd ( ) that suggests that ambidextrous kids are more likely to have ADHD. I was wondering if it is going to be harmful for me as I am right handed and I am training to become ambidextrous. Would there be any adverse effects?

Concerned Person
LokRobster responded:
Dear Concerned Person,

I would figure that training to use your left hand is unlikely to cause an onset of ADHD at age 19.

I base this conjecture on the observation that most ninja warriors train off-hand weapon use, but they're known for their remarkable focus and abilities as opposed to ADHD-type symptoms or behaviors.

I'm sure that some one professional will have a better answer...
Patricia Quinn, MD responded:
Dear Concerned

ADHD and LD, as well as difficulty learning a second language, has long been know to be associated with ambidexterity. That being said,however, I agree that your brain dominance and handedness should be well established at this point and that you will not delevop any issues as a result of trying to develop skills that stimulate the other side of your brain. Many people need to use their non-dominant hand for various reasons without any ill-effect other than the inconvenience and bother brought on by frustration because of lack of skill and accuracy.

Pat Quinn, MD
demahom replied to Patricia Quinn, MD's response:
Thank you for your response!
resaberts responded:
Ok I'm not a medical person just someone wanting to give you my comments/thoughts on this. I am an adult who recently discovered I have ADD/ADHD. To my knowledge, someone with this "problem" doesn't suddenly acquire it. As a child, I was taught behaviors to compensate for my ADD. I also as a child was very ambidextrous. My teachers in school discouraged that and said nobody uses both hands when writing(or doing other activities), you have to choose. I am not sure why you are "trying to be" ambidextrous, but I think you either are or you are not. It has something to do with how our brains function. Again I'm not medical just going on my experiences. Maybe through practice or training you can teach yourself to do this. If so, good luck. But I wouldn't worry about it making you ADD. Those of us that are just have too many thought processes and have trouble organizing those thoughts. Hope these opinions help you some.