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Meds to promote a childs sleep
NaNaLynnsMom posted:
My 4 year old daughter was diagnosed with ADHD back in Dec '11 and her pediatrician told me to use Melatonin at night to help her sleep cuz she would only sleep 3 hours a night every night. I started her on 1mg and within a month and a half we have gradually had to move up to 6mgs. We visited her dr again today and she prescribed clonidine for her but the thing is, she told me to give it to her along with the Melatonin. My question is would it be safe to give these 2 medications together? I definitely dont want to over-medicate her to where she cant wake up, thats not gonna happen. Just cant find the information to help me. Need help on this asap. I hate to say I dont trust her drs judgement but she has given me reasons not to trust her but havent had luck in findin a new one to take us in here where we live. Im very concerned, please help asap
misspudd20 responded:
Personally, I would not use them both. We went through the same situation when my son was 4 and he is 5 now. Melatonin worked for a while and then he was put on .1mg of clonidine and then we worked up to .2mg and that seems like his magic number. Our doc told us to give him the medication at 8 but we had to experiment to figure out what was good for him. now, we only use the clonidine and give it to him no later than 630 and he sleeps most nights straight through. To specifically awnser your question, it is safe bc your body produces melatonin on its own so taking the two will not hurt your daughter. You will jsut realize that clonidine is powerful on its own so there is no since in giving her extra meds that she does not need. Also, not sure if your doctor talked to you about what clonidine really is. It is blood pressure medicine so please read up on it as one of the main warnings is that you cannot just stop taking have to work yourself off or it can mess with her blood pressure.
Boyzmomee responded:
My son experienced difficulty sleeping when his stimulant dosage was increased. Clonidine works like a charm for him.
NaNaLynnsMom replied to misspudd20's response:
Thank you so very much for your reply...i had talked with the nurse practitioner where i work and she was afraid that the .1mg clonidine was too high a dosage for my daughter being that she only weighs 29lbs but reading up on it and hearing from other parents i have spoke with it has became very popular and very helpful...we have been trying it alone without the melatonin and it works great...we have even tried splitting in half an thaat works great for her as big thing is the dr my kids are seeing i dont trust their former dr retired and passed away recently and they have been seeing the dr he shared his office with...i have had no luck in finding a new one to take them daughter is 4 and as of last tuesday she has failed her hearing test 3 times and the dr is still saying its due to allergies being infected but i dont believe it...she has added 2 allergy meds to her daily I feel like im having to medicate her too much for things she dont need...still searching for a new dr to clear things up for us....being that her dr doesnt want to give us a referal im trying to
NaNaLynnsMom replied to NaNaLynnsMom's response:
get answers on my own for my child you have any suggestions that could help me....thanks so much for your help so far

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