Treating my ADHD and depression. Am I on the wrong meds?
estralia posted:
Can anyone shed some light on questions I have about my treatment. I am 42 and was taking adderall for 2 years with few side effects and general success. 1 1/2 yr ago I had to leave a 5 year relationship and move into a different house. I became depressed was getting by at first but now I feel debilitated. My Dr prescribed prozac and then Lexapro for my depression but neither has mad any difference. Adderall became unavailable so I have been taking ritalin. Either ritalin doesn't work for me or my depression is taking me over. I feel hopeless to feel like I used to. Nothing is working.
I have been reading and am considering why adderall worked better and why the anti depressants do not help. I am considering asking my doctor to try a selective serontonin norepenephrine reuptake inhibitor. Could I be on the right track with this? I have no structure in my home right now and while I know I need to get my environment working in my favor I have been so depressed that I just can't climb out of this hole. Which seems to depress me more. I am a single mom of two and I am the only one who can fix my "unfriendly home". Being depressed is one thing but never being able to find anything in this overwhelming mess is making it all unbearable. The two anti- depressants I have been on only addressed serontonin which led me to think maybe my norepenephrine level needs addressed too. I would appreciate any insight. I live in a small town and the doctors here try but do not specialize in ADD or ADHD. I want to understand more about what works for me individually. Right now treating my depression is my priority.